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International Society for auricular reconstruction (ISAR)

Beijing, China, 2017

Trip to China

Dr. Fairbanks has returned from the 2nd International congress for the International Society for Auricular Reconstruction (ISAR) held in Beijing, China held on September 22-24, 2017.  There, he chaired one of the formal sessions of the congress and presented 3 lectures on his work in Ear Reconstruction.  This international congress of Ear Surgeons has been held for several years around the world. This was the 2nd congress for the newly formed International Society, of which Dr. Fairbanks became a member at the first congress held in Paris in 2014.

While in Beijing, Dr. Fairbanks was invited to tour the Plastic Surgery Hospital of China which is celebrating its 70th year. The massive renovation of the hospital was delayed for this congress so our Chinese colleagues could allow us to tour this exceptional facility with all of its classic Chinese architecture.

During the tour, he was able to see ear reconstruction and cleft lip procedures being done through large windows in an observation hallway. China, with its large population, has a significantly high number of ear deformities and cleft lip deformities. The Chinese plastic surgeons have a remarkable amount of experience with these surgeries and therefore are great contributors to the plastic surgery experience worldwide.

The congress was filled with presentations from around the world. It was phenomenal to be a part of the exchange of ideas concerning surgical techniques by this group of international surgeons. This forum was truly a treasure chest of experience in ear reconstruction.


The presentations given by Dr. Fairbanks included: Approaching Uncommon Problems in Auricular Reconstruction, Salvage of Banked Auricular Framework, and Fat Grafting in Auricular Reconstruction.  His presentations were well received, and as a result, he has been invited to several countries — to include an invitation back to China for further exchange of ideas and techniques.

Dr. Fairbanks presenting at ISAR conference.

Gabriel Ossorno, Colombia; SO Wikstrom, Sweden; Grant Fairbanks, USA.

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