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Neck Lift

Neck Lift Overview 

  • The Neck Lift enhances the appearance of the neck
  • Gives a young and natural look to the neck
  • Uses advanced surgical technique
  • Incisions are placed under the chin where the scar is unseen
  • Recovery is relative to the patientmost are pleasantly surprised
  • At least 1week off of work is recommended; 2 weeks are better
  • Resume athletic activities after 6 weeks
  • Look forward to a better looking neckline


About Neck Lift Surgery

What about that double chin?  There are times when the person is concerned about that extra tissue under the chin.  They know that they’re young enough that they don’t need a facelift, but just the same, how do they get rid of it? Often these people have tried diet and exercise without any success.

Neck Lift, Before l Grant A Fairbanks, MD l Fairbanks Plastic Surgery l Salt Lake City, UT
Neck Lift, After l Grant A Fairbanks, MD l Fairbanks Plastic Surgery l Salt Lake City, UT

A Neck Lift procedure in Salt Lake City, Utah, can provide a more predictable way/result of restoring or improving the appearance of the neck.  The Neck Lift is becoming a popular cosmetic procedure for the younger generation that does not need a full facelift.  The results are long-lasting and the patient has a more youthful or natural appearance, as well as a sharp neckline, as opposed to a doublechin-look. At the same time, the person still looks like themselves.

Interestingly, this procedure is part of the facelift procedure, but does not require the removal of the skin of the cheeks. In fact, no skin is removed at all.  Some have tried other procedures such as CoolSculpting, freezing the fat, or just plain liposuction.  The Neck Lift tends to be more complete and provides a more predictable result for those of the younger generation.

Candidates for Neck Lift Surgery

The perfect candidates for the neck lift are those of the younger generationtypically men and women 40 years of age and younger.

Other Factors Include:

  • Those disappointed with noninvasive procedures, such as radio frequency and cryolipolysis.
  • Nonsmoker
  • Positive outlook
  • Good physical health
  • Realistic expectations
  • The person with good skin elasticity

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Neck Lift Procedure Details

A single incision is placed in an optimal position, under the chin.  Interestingly, this is a common place for lacerations that many of us have from falling down as children.  Through this incision, liposuction is performed for those with extra fat in this area.  The limited amount of liposuction allows for further dissection to expose the musculature of the neck.  This musculature is then tightened up surgically to form a sling.  The small incision into the chin is closed.  A dressing is placed so the skin under the chin has a chance to heal in place. This chin dressing is worn for approximately 2 weeks and then only at night for another 4 weeks. The recovery is much better than most people would expect.


What to Expect with Neck Lift Surgery?

  • Tighter skin under the chin with a more desirable and improved neckline
  • Significant improvement of the “double chin”
  • Small incision under the chin, which is hardly noticeable
  • Procedure that lasts as a result of careful surgical technique

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Neck Lift Recovery 

The majority of patients note the Neck Lift recovery is better than anticipated.  After the Neck Lift procedure, the majority of people require less pain medication compared to other cosmetic procedures.  Sometimes, this leads to the false feeling that they can be more active after surgery.  Rest and relaxation is recommended so that one can heal with less bruising, less swelling, and an overall better result.  For those to who work from home, this is ideal since they can wear their dressing and still do their work without concerns. Three days after the procedure, the person can shower. Activity limitations include no strenuous activities, no heavy lifting greater than 10 pounds, and no athletic activities for a total of 6 weeks after the surgery.  By this time the patient will be able to resume all activities without concern.  The chin dressing is worn for 2 weeks straight, except for showering, and at nighttime for the next 4 weeks.


What to Expect After Neck Lift Surgery 

As with any other surgery, the results may vary with each patient.  Just the same, the Neck Lift procedure can provide a wonderful result, a significantly improved neckline, and a positive outlook on life.  This procedure can become a game changer for the young person with elastic skin and that “double chin” that has always bothered them.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged so that one can continue with an overall better and younger looking appearance.  We always recommend proper diet and regular exercise which will increase their quality of life.  This also decreases the unwanted weight gain which usually shows up in places that we least desire.  The Neck Lift that is performed at Fairbanks Plastic Surgery can keep that person feeling better about their neck and their profile, especially in photographs.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary. Images do not constitute a promise or representation of any particular outcome or experience.

Call for a Consultation for your Neck Lift

Not happy with that double chin?  Still have young, healthy and elastic skin? 

Make an appointment at Fairbanks Plastic Surgery for a consultation. You will be provided with an explanation to include the principles of the procedure.  All your questions will be answered. 

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*All post-operative pictures are of real patients of Fairbanks Plastic Surgery. Identifiable images are used with patient permission.