Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammaplasty

About this procedure

The medical term for very large breasts is Mammary Hyperplasia or Macromastia. Women who have extremely large breasts typically suffer a variety of problems related to their large breasts. These issues include back pain, neck pain, shoulder strap pain, headaches, intermittent numbness and tingling of the hands, and breast pain, if they go without a bra. Some women also develop rashes where their breasts rub against the skin underneath.

Large breasts can also get in the way of many physical activities, which other people are able to engage in, such as golf, tennis, running, etc. Some women dislike the unwanted degree of attention that large breasts can bring, and find them awkward when navigating through a crowd.

Breast reduction surgery is the one reliable solution for alleviating the symptoms of pain and discomfort that are caused by large breasts.

During breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon must take the utmost care and attention to achieve artistic anatomical design to recreate the natural looking breast of normal size. There are a number of cosmetic operations available for breast reduction. Some procedures, however, fall short of achieving the ideal result. This can lead to patient disappointment; such procedures should be avoided. Correcting a less than desirable result can be difficult.

When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Grant A. Fairbanks, he will make a thorough review of your situation, and a detailed plan will be created in order to provide you with the best possible appearance. Alternative methods for breast reduction will be reviewed together, along with the pros and cons of each. Preservation of nipple sensation is of paramount importance, as is the minimization of scarring. These topics will also be discussed in detail.

A patient considering breast reduction surgery should plan on taking at least two weeks off from work for recuperation, after which most duties can be resumed.